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ALCANTARA® A unique polyester ultramicrotibre, non-woven fabric combining aesthetic appeal with exceptional comfort, warmth, durability and easy maintenance.

ALPACA Very fine soft wool from a member of the Lame family.

BRITISH WOOL TWEED Using only pure wool fibres from the British Isles, fhis cloth offers strength and durability with a rugged appearance for the toughest of environments.

CASHMERE One of the softest and most luxurious yarns available. Barbour only buy Chinese Cashmere which is one of fhe highest qualities available and it is most commonly used in Barbour sweaters and shawls/scarves. Hand wash only.

CHANGEANT A special weave in the face fabric that shows a variable colour tone effect in changing light conditions.

COOLMAX® A naturally hydrophobic polyester with fibre cross-sections designed to ensure high breathability and moisture wicking. It is made by DuPont and is often used in performance sportswear.

CORDURA® Cordura is DuPont’s abrasion-resistant, air-textured, high technology nylon fabric engineered for durability, strength, lightness and easy care. Even the lightest Cordura fabric has two times the abrasion resistance of comparable standard nylon and three times the tear strength.

CORDURA WOOL (Corewool) A combination of high tenacity cordura nylon yarn combined with pure new wool to create a highly technical and innovative fabric, yet with the appeal of a traditional cloth.

COTTON A strong, natural fibre. It is cool to wear but does not dry quickly. Often blended to extend usefulness.

COTTON FUTURA Finely spun cotton yarn with a soft handle, Cotton Futura is often used in combination with other fibres to give a natural feel and look.

COTTON JERSEY A generic term for a plain knit fabric without a distinct rib.

The consistent interloping of yarns in the jersey stitch produces a fabric with a smooth, flat face and a more textured, but uniform, back. Originally made from wool, jersey fabric was first manufactured on the island of Jersey, off the coast of England.

COTTON MAC FABRIC Two layers of cotton fabric with a layer of rubber in between and sealed seams provide a classic raincoat look with a natural feel.

COVERT CLOTH A high quality, medium twill worsted 100% wool fabric. DONEGAL TWEED A coarsely flecked Irish Tweed.

DOUBLE TWIST TWEED The authentic sporting tweed cloth. Two ends of yarn are twisted together before being woven. This gives greater durability whilst offering superior handle and drape. Barbour is one of very few brands to offer this high quality. DURACOTTON A machine washable, cotton fabric with a cracked wax effect resin coating.

GARMENT DYED Cotton garments are manufactured and then dyed to give an appearance which will not fade down with repeat washing, as in pigment dyed.

PIGMENT DYED Cotton garment dyed using special pigment designed to ‘fade’ down with washing. Used for a pre-aged appearance.

ELASTANE This synthetic fibre is very extensible, abrasion resistant and dries very quickly. Often blended with other fabrics.

HARRIS TWEED Woven exclusively on the islands of Harris and Lewis, the wool can only come from its native sheep. This extremely durable cloth is perfect for sports jackets and also gives great drape and handle. The cloth is still woven in crofters cottages before being collected for finishing and quality checks.

OILED LEATHER Natural cowhide specially treated with a unique oil to give a water-repellent finish.


OILSKIN 46% Tactel and 56% Cotton Futura

WAX LEATHER Natural cow hide which has been treated with a protective wax. LYCRA® An elastane fibre trademarked by DuPont. Lycra is used to give comfort, movement and shape retention to a garment that will not lose its elasticity through washing.

MERINO WOOL A luxurious, warm, natural fibre from the Merino Sheep.

MICROFIBRE Fabric made from ultra fine fibres giving a soft, silky handle.

MILLWAX Aged brushed finish waxed Cotton.

MOLESKIN Soft, warm yet strong 100% Cotton fabric.

POLYAMIDE (NYLON) An extremely strong, abrasion resistant fibre. It resists creasing well, dries quickly but is cool to the touch. Available under a wide variety of brand names offering specific enhanced properties.

POLYCOTTON A blend of polyester and cotton that gives durability and breathability and improves care characteristics. It is lightly brushed for a soft handle.

POLYESTER An extremely strong, synthetic fibre that is resistant to abrasion. It does not crease easily and maintains its shape well. It dries quickly and is warmer to wear than cotton. Often blended with cotton to improve crease resistance and drying time. POLYESTER FLEECE A knitted fabric with high warmth to weight ratio, It is not very wind resistant and it is often used as a mid-layer. It is DWR treated to resist showers. POPLIN A ribbed fabric of silk, wool or cotton.

RIPSTOP Light Nylon fabric with a box weave construction, which limits any tears. SHOWERPROOF COTTON Cotton fabric coated with a water repellent finish making it showerproof.

SUPER YAK The long fine hair of the Tibetan Yak blended with extra fine Merino wool to give a super soft yarn.

SYLKOIL A traditional waxed Thornproof fabric with a dry and aged finish. TACTEL® A soft, lightweight, yet durable, nylon fibre trademarked by DuPont. It is extremely easy to wash, allows the skin to breathe and readily regains its shape, making it ideal for active outdoor clothing.

THERMOSTAT® A lightweight, thermal insulating, hollow-core polyester fabric by DuPont. It’s breathable, with good moisture wicking properties and it dries quickly.

THORNPROOF/WAX COTTON Cotton fabric with a protective, water repellent wax coating. It is extremely durable and tear resistant with a slight sheen.

TIROLER LODEN High quality wool fabric made in Tyrol, Austria

TWILL WEAVE A basic weave in which the cotton fabrics are constructed by interlacing warp and filling yarns in a progressive alternation which creates a diagonal effect on the face of the fabric. In some twill weave fabrics, the diagonal effect may also be seen clearly on the reverse of the fabric.

VISCOSE A manufactured fibre made of regenerated cellulose. It is soft, absorbent and drapes well. Viscose is a refined type of rayon and is often used in linings on high quality garments.

WATERPROOF COTTON Cotton fabric with a breathable, waterproof microporous coating. To ensure Barbour garments are 100% waterproof, all seams are sealed with a waterproof tape.

WOOL A luxurious, warm, natural fibre. It is warm to wear but does not dry quickly. Many yarn types and blend are available. It is also used to produce felfed, worsted and Loden fabrics.


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